Consulting Packages

The IQ Advisor has developed a range of packages, to provide your business with immediate access to skills, knowledge and experience that will support your innovation needs. 


These packages are designed for regional based business and agri-enterprises, entrepreneurs and innovators requiring support with business planning activities including research, business development, funding applications, digital, marketing strategy & international trade.


IQ Advisor packages will provide strategic advice and coaching to assist with business planning needs and ultimately improve your key desired outcomes.  After completing your business growth or innovation plans, it can be hard to find the time to execute required activity.


Accessing an IQ Advisor package makes it easy to stay on track, securing specialized skills, knowledge and experience with minimal delay, minimal fuss so that innovation can be unlocked. 


IQ Advisor packages include :


  • IQ Advisor - Digital IQ package
  • IQ Advisor - Innovate IQ package
  • IQ Advisor - Trade IQ package
  • IQ Advisor - Tourism IQ package
  • IQ Advisor - Farm IQ package
  • IQ Advisor - Capital IQ - 'Grants & Funding' package


More information about each of these packages, is available via this website.