Global IQ - Airport development and export opportunities

Export opportunities could ‘take off’ for the New England North West region, if Tamworth and Armidale Regional Airports could be developed into the future. The regional airports could expand commercial passenger flights, but also provide for larger jets permitting airfreight exports out of the region.


As the export gateway for the Namoi / North West region, a range of new support industries, transport, logistics, and so on could be attracted to the region; focused upon getting Australia food and products to the key Asian markets of China, Korea and Japan.


The prospect of direct freight to Asia, unlocks enormous opportunity to grow agribusiness and export markets for Australia and the region. 


With China predicted to account for 40 per cent of incremental increases in food demand globally over the next 20 years, with the two main drivers for this being population and income growth, China is certainly a long term opportunity for regional food producing businesses like those based in the New England North West region.


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