IQ Advisor comprises a team of development consultants who have provided expert guidance to hundreds of businesses and enterprises across industry sectors.


We provide targeted business development experience, injecting skills and knowledge, to assist drive results.


Our support injects experience, connections and energy to turn ideas into reality. 


IQ Advisor is a regional based resource, comprising a team of regional based consultants who are passionate about regional & rural development in the Namoi and Northern Inland region.


We seek talented professionals, who understand the opportunities connected with local area, regional empowerment. 


Our team are focused upon regional economic development opportunities, spanning food, agriculture, agribusiness, lifestyle and tourism opportunities, developing regional agribusiness strengths and shaping new innovation. 


IQ Advisor offer initiatives and solutions to regional and rural based business & enterprises providing a platform for the delivery of information, consulting and development opportunities.


Each team member is committed to creating new job pathways, supporting employment growth and encouraging new business startups, based within the Namoi and Northern Inland region.


Our team is passionate about connecting Namoi and Northern Inland based businesses to global opportunities; spanning Europe, Asia and Northern America.